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 Rules of the Forum And Clan

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum And Clan   Mon Mar 03, 2008 11:59 am


Do NOT spam.

When you post, take your time to actually type something that has a point. Posts
like "

or "lolol" will be deleted, and if spamming is constant,
further action will be taken, eg temp bans, eventually perm ban if it continues.

Talk politely and with respect

To all TehPwners Community members and forum users, Do not talk offensively, no
, ect. Continueous lack of verbal restraint will result in banning from

Do not make topics with misleading names

"OMG I'M QUITING", when your actually posting about something
completely different
like enchanting your duels to +25.

Use the PM System

Sort out petty matters using PM system, without spamming up our forums.


If your a member of TehPwners, make sure you post at least once a day, just so we see
your name around the forums.

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Male Number of posts : 89
Age : 22
Location : England
Personal Comment : :P
Registration date : 2008-03-03

PostSubject: Re: Rules of the Forum And Clan   Sat Apr 05, 2008 10:09 am


1. a) Leaders are always right (windguard,pakec)
b) Sub-leaders are always right But Have to listen to Leaders(x)
2. If leaders arent right, check point 1. hehe
3. We will not join all Your friends just because they are Your friends, we will join ppl who are:
- able to understand and speak english.
- active.
- following directions/orders.
- good at pvp.
- willing to contribute your time into clan tasks.
If You find anyone who fits to our clan pm one of the leaders.
4. After we assigned sub-leaders listen to their orders.
5. Raids :
- most clan members have to take part in raids.
- all raid drops goes to leaders who split them between members who are most active and contribute in clan.
- we will raid till all clan members will have boss jewels.
- organized raids by members are most appreciated, You dont need leader to organize all your raids, organize a party and set BEFORE the raid who will get the drops. Any jewels etc gained while no leader is on should be
put into the clan wh for the leaders to hand out.
6. If You have any problem with clan or member talk with leaders or sub-leaders, we will try to help. Try to avoid causing drama etc by arguing in clan chat.
7. Do not beg any clan members for adena or items, u can ask for them tho but 1time is enough
8. There is no clan buffer 24h/7 days a week and wont be, every active member should have their buffer, make a buffer with few members and share with account that everyone can buff eachother.
I wont buff all members all the time, thats not my hobby and wont be, I have more jobs to do then You so dont beg for buffs. There is a time when Ill say Im on buffer, who needs buffs thats the time when everyone can
get buffs.
9. We dont tolerate any sh*t talk after fight, I dont want to see " Fu*k Your Mom " or whatever, try avoid it.
10. We dont tolerate exploiters/cheaters/grief buffers.
11. Help other members in farming/p lvling if they need it, most helpfull and active ppl wil be CO-sub-leaders = will have more rights and clan skills on wich we are working now.
12. Most members have to be on sieges!
13. Try make farming parties for life stones/tatoos, get a healer and some dmg dealers set the drop on random or make a list who will get what drops first then go and farm!
14. Always remember to nobless yourself after getting buffs, and dont be afraid to ask someone in clan for it if you dont have noblesse yet.
15. Never take songs/dances while in party, always leave before taking them.
16. Since we are a new clan we dont have many clan skills etc yet, it will be helpful if members could create some alts to put through the academy.

PVP Guidelines;
1. Always try to bring a healer with you
2. Choose one person in the party who the others will assist, and always target the healers first - make assist macro's
3. Try and split any money earned in pvp with the healers, as they dont get adena for healing
4. Stay close to the healer at all times, and dont complain if u die because you ran away from the healer.
5. Try to have cardinal subclass, we need to change cardinals/dmg dealers, there is no full time cardinals, even BigBear or LegolasPL needs sometimes to fight

Thats all for now, do Your best to rise the clan, we will work as much as we can, love Ya!


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I'm little, you are big.
I'm right, you are wrong.
and there is nothing you can do about it!
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Rules of the Forum And Clan
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